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Julio-agosto de 2019, vol. 28, núm. 4
Uso de información académica

Latin-American perceptions on definitions and arguments about crossmedia and transmedia in advertising

Pedro Hellín-Ortuño; Eneus Trindade; Javier García-López

This article is available in open access

Abstract: Digital society has caused changes in the conventional forms of advertising. The values and interactive processes associated lead commercial brands to adapt to new situations. This paper reflects on crossmedia and transmedia storytelling concepts and their use in the Latin American context. There has been a transformation built on a hypermodern society, influenced by sociotechnological devices. The main objectives of this work are to define and categorize the new advertising formats arising from this context, as well as to identify the new conceptual manifestations. Through a conceptual revision, the text shows that the traditional forms of strategic advertising planning are changing, determined by conceptual and media hyperrelation. Now there is a sense of growing consumer power, who is also an active consumer of social media and advertising. In the current Latin American context, the consumer becomes a necessary collaborator in the process of producing meaning.

Keywords: Crossmedia; Transmedia; Storytelling; Brands; Concepts; Definitions; Advertising; Interactivity; Values; Digital trends; Consumers; Prosumers; Categories; Social media; Latin America.